Spring is here!

April 7, 2014

We have been looking forward to spring and getting work started on the Memorial again. Well, spring is here and we are working again. Mike Smith, our mason began working on the stone face last weekend. He is making excellent progress. Mike wants to set the Inspiration Stone later this week. We have the wall caps being made this week. Please check back to watch our progress.

Winter Break

The following photos show the great progress that has been made in the construction of our memorial.

All the concrete work has been completed, all the block work and walls are done and the flag poles have been set.

Light colored precast concrete caps have been ordered for the tops of all the walls. Precast pillars have also been ordered for each of the honored officer granite marker to be set on. All of these precast items will not be delivered until after the first of the year.

All of the walls will be stone faced. That stone has been ordered. Delivery of it will be later this year or early next.

With winter coming and the delivery of materials set to be in January we do not expect any more work to be done until the winter weather is over.

During this winter break we will continue to raise funds to cover the costs of building the memorial.

Check back in the spring we are hoping for a late spring dedication.