About the Foundation

The Foundation exists to honor the memory of those law enforcement officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in safe guarding our way of life in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

Though there will be many other activities associated with the Foundation such as social events, fundraising and solicitation of funds to other organizations, we must never lose focus of our original intent.

The initial committee of the Foundation has worked hard to develop a memorial that will be impressive for generations to come and the design allows for the inevitable growth for future deaths of law enforcement officers in Cumberland County.

The criteria to be placed in the memorial was developed after much discussion. The criteria should not be altered without serious thought.

The Foundation must always have financial stability to maintain the site at its current level.

A Foundation Board seat should not be a position that is a life long appointment; it is the duty of the existing Board members to identify potential future board members to carry on the legacy of the Foundation.

The Board should come up begin planning for procedures for the eventual death of a LEO and how we want the additional marker to be added and what type of ceremony should be held, in conjunction with the LEO’s family.

The current Board believes it is important to have an annual memorial service in remembrance of those who have gone before us.