Sam Morgan

Retired, Lower Allen Township Police Department
Fund Raising Chairman, CCLEMF

Sam Morgan started his criminal justice career by joining the US Army in 1975, right after graduation from Cumberland Valley High School. After being discharged when his enlistment ended, he returned home and went to work at Cumberland County Prison as a Correctional Officer. He left the prison in 1986 with the rank of Sergeant and accepted a position with Lower Allen Township Police Department as a police officer. While at Lower Allen Township Police Department, Officer Morgan was primarily assigned to patrol duties for the early part of his career with the department. Officer Morgan did obtain certification as an Accident Reconstructionist, investigating serious and fatal crashes throughout Cumberland County and the surrounding region. Officer Morgan with the help of other law enforcement professionals established the first countywide accident reconstruction team, which is still in existence to this day. Officer Morgan was also one of the first field-training officers for the department and was part of a team that wrote the first field-training manual as well as township wide employee evaluations; those requirements were registered with the library of Congress upon their completion. Officer Morgan did obtain his bachelors and masters degrees while working at the department, during which time he was in charge of a police substation.

Sam retired from the police department in 2008, and currently teaches college level courses in Homeland Security and Criminal Justice at Central Penn College, where he is in charge of both departments. Professor Morgan also has been invited to present at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey California twice and was part of a hand-picked and invitee only national consortium that established criteria for Homeland Security degree programs nationwide. Professor Morgan has been published in several academic journals on the subjects of leadership and cognitive bias in police operations and investigations. Currently Professor Morgan is pursuing a Doctoral degree in Allied Science from North Central University.