2016 Annual Report

February 12. Final plans for the 2016 annual Police Recognition Dinner were made. Chief Sherman from Middlesex will have made and provide us with signs directing drivers to the Memorial. Annual service at the Memorial will take place May 13, the same day as the Police Dinner. After much discussion, the golf tournament we had planned will not be held.

April 8. It was discovered a railroad officer had been murdered on duty in the Enola train yards on Oct 20, 1916. Officer John L. Beisser will be added to the Memorial. It is believed Allenberry Playhouse will not be able to host our annual dinner in 2017. Other sites were discussed.

May 13. The annual police memorial service was held at the Memorial.

May 17. The FBI held a 50th anniversary service in memory of Agent Terry Anderson at our Memorial.

September 6. Morgan had CPA Spencer Martin audit the Foundation books. No Irregularities were found. Martin’s report is to follow. Two new Directors were added to the Foundation Board. Steve Spangler and Megan Silverstrim were voted in as new Directors bringing the total to 7 Directors. Election was held for 2017 Officers. McLaughlin, President, Anderson, Treasurer and Silverstrim, Secretary. A student scholarship program was discussed as was a supporter recognition dinner.

October 4. Eric Trump, son of Donald J. Trump stopped at the Memorial and met with several of our Directors and county police chiefs.

October 19. A Memorial induction service was held for PA Railroad Police Officer John Beisser. Railroad officers from as far away as Cincinnati attended. Beisser died 100 years ago by gunshot.

December 5. Currently we are looking to update our web site. The Foundation scholarship has been put into place. An anonymous $1,000 donation was made to start the scholarship fund. Supporters dinner continues to be looked at for early 2017. Discussions to do a brew fest were put on hold. Chief Randy Hollenbaugh died in 1943 while making an arrest. Voted to induct him into the Memorial. Annual Police dinner and service is scheduled for May 12. Hammon disbanded all existing committees. This leaves the 7-member Board of Directors to run the Foundation. Steve Spangler was made a certified Memorial guide. Local historian Randy Watts was given approval to write a book about our fallen officers, the Memorial and the history of law enforcement in Cumberland County.

In total the Board has met for 45 times for official meetings since 2011.